Digital Art in the News // CNN

Digital Art in the News // CNN

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Suddenly “digital art” is everywhere.

Recently, Art Basel’s Global Director Marc Spiegler guest edited a series of conversations for CNN with four pioneering leaders & gallerists  in the digital art community (Steven Sacks/NYC, Pilar Corrias/London, Nadine Zeidler/Berlin and Leo Xu/Shanghai),  entitled, Decoding the Thrilling World of Digital Art. His thought provoking questions (e.g. How do you sell an algorithm?) resulted in several must read articles on digital art.

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We particularly loved this exchange:

Marc Spiegler:
“If you could only use one software/app in your gallery work what would it be?

Nadine Zeidler:
“We are still looking for this program.  If you find it, let me know.”

This speaks to exactly what we’ve spent the past two years passionately working on here at Niio, a purpose-built, end-to-end platform for the management, distribution and display of video and new media art.

Read the entire series here:

Decoding the Thrilling World of Digital Art


  • Who buys digital art
  • Are you worried about getting sued?
  • How do you represent digital artists? 
  • What would Da Vinci do with Snapchat?
  • What is the next big thing? 
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